The DAM of Digital Leaders

Centralize, organize and scale your business’s digital assets. Fast, smart, secure and auditable.

Save and optimize up to

U$ 2.5 million per year*

*Based on our customers data

Overcome the chaos of your company's digital growth with safety

No more scattered digital materials, duplicate work, outdated versions, out-of-date placements and misuse of images and documents.

Smart and multi-language search: the right material just a click away

Increase your organization’s productivity with our powerful artificial intelligence that, through automatic tagging, identifies and indexes elements and texts specific to your business in images, videos, audios and documents in different languages.

Automation and integration into your business's digital ecosystem

With an enhanced API interface, Yapoli is at the heart of your business’s digital ecosystem.

We fully automate the process of centralizing, managing, enriching and distributing your digital assets, connecting DAM with its most diverse technologies. From ERPs to e-commerces.

On boarding: Yapoli experts working on your team!

From day one, Yapoli specialists work together, mapping the problems, modeling the platform to adapt to the reality of the company and the business areas involved, and populating the platform with the initial collection for the immediate start of the operation.

Multi-language support, training and enablement for global teams

We have a support team prepared to train and qualify global teams in a continuous and multi-lingual way (UTC+3 time zone).

Find out what, who and when your materials were downloaded or shared

We measure every step of each digital asset and user on the platform, making the management and use of digital documents safe and auditable.

Continuous improvement and data privacy

Yapoli works in line with the agile scrum methodology and the privacy by design concept. The platform continually evolves according to a roadmap composed of customer feedback, new features, security improvements, scalability and the guidelines of the Brazilian and European general data protection law.

Access Profiles and SSO (Single Sign-On)

Facilitate access for internal teams and third parties with user management integrated with corporate governance and company compliance.

Accessibility: digital material wherever and whenever the user needs it

Simple, fast, secure and personalized web-app interface.

Mobile interface

No need to install an app, it works perfectly through the browser. Including cell phone.

Do you want to know how it works?

Schedule a demo, and see how Yapoli can help you.

Testimonials from those who use Yapoli

Yapoli's legacy was to show us how big working with digital assets can be and how it connects with other activities. The platform helped us to have a proper use of digital asset management.

João Paulo Vieira
LATAM Digital Marketing customer 2019-2022

I see Yapoli as partners, not just suppliers. At the beginning of our journey we showed our difficulties and they knew how to deliver what we needed, even more than they proposed. We deliver together, support and help each other. They have become part of Portobello's culture.

Denis Budag
Digital Channels Coordinator


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