What is the relationship between Content Suite Platform and DAM?

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– The overproduction of decentralized content is highlighting inefficiencies and bringing to light the need for organization and security of large corporations.
– The demand for specialist platforms such as ECM, DAM, GED and PIM is growing exponentially as a means of restructuring this flood of information.
– A Content Platform is responsible for conducting the orchestra of information of a complex integrated or non-integrated digital ecosystem.
– Acting as a medium in the digital ecosystem of large corporations, Yapoli ensures consistency, security, integrity of digital assets, being an agent of digital transformation through corporate governance.


1. What is Content Suite Platform?
2. Yapoli as a Content Platform

In an increasingly digital world, the old ways of doing business are proving cumbersome and ineffective. Large corporations are struggling to organize, manage and extract value from an ever-growing deluge of information, structured and unstructured, from multiple sources. Meanwhile, risks, legal requirements and regulations are increasing in proportion to this volume of information. 

On the path to becoming digital leaders, companies that are at the forefront of this movement must begin to rethink the use of their tools and seek specialist solutions that have the capacity to solve the problems that the large amount of content produced has entailed.

Solutions such as ECM (Enterprise Content Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), GED (Electronic Document Management) and PIM (Product Information Management) are gaining more and more space in the market and are being requested by large corporations. Even in the face of so many alternatives, the market still seeks something that solves the inefficiencies of managing this huge volume of content, for this we found the concept of Content Suite Platform or Content Platform, which we will explain below.

What is Content Suite Platform?

In general terms, it is a package of resources that orchestrates information and content within a complex digital ecosystem integrated or not with specialist platforms. Ensuring integrity, corporate governance, consistency, standardization, security, scalability, respecting LGPD/GDPR guidelines and rules, compliance and validity

The solution to every large corporation’s problems, right? 

It depends.

Does it really need a resource pack to connect to so many other tools that are already underutilized? 

The Content Platform concept can be seen from another angle. One that contains the aforementioned features and benefits, but boils down to a single platform playing the central role in the digital ecosystem of large corporations ensuring information security. Nice to meet you, Yapoli

Yapoli as a Content Platform

In case you follow us here and in the other social networks, you must be wondering, “but until yesterday Yapoli was not a DAMDigital Asset Manager?” Yes, and it still is. Management, distribution and governance of digital assets is the basis for the proper functioning of a content platform. In addition, Yapoli was already positioned as a medium in the digital ecosystem of large corporations. 

Here you can find information about essential functionalities of a DAM platform. 

By positioning itself as a medium, Yapoli moves even further away from repositories for digital assets and approaches the concept of a Content Platform. In addition to the management and distribution of documents, in the cloud, in a highly scalable way. Classification by metadata that leads to corporate governance. Technology to provide scannability to assets, enabling content indexing and classification. Real-time audit trail and reporting, Yapoli enables large corporations to analyze and generate insights from their digital assets. 

Integrated to the other platforms of the corporation, as a medium, centralizing information coming from the ERP and distributing the digital assets to social networks and e-commerce, for example, Yapoli is able to generate insights optimizing productivity and creation of new content. 

How much content produced years ago does your corporation keep stored that could be discarded because they are out of date or no longer work with the company’s current communication? How did the content produced perform? Which elements in a particular piece helped to convert more?  

These are some of the questions Yapoli can answer. Has your corporation been facing problems like this? Do you believe that a Content Platform can help you not only optimize processes but also generate significant savings for the company? 

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Yapoli, as a Content Platform, operates in the management, distribution and optimization of digital materials, centralizing them, with audit trail, within LGPD and GDPR parameters, with real-time reports and intelligence behind the assets, integrating the digital ecosystem. Generating savings of up to 1.5 million by eradicating inefficiencies from your corporation’s digital asset management and distribution chain.