What are the advantages of using Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms?

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What is Digital Asset Management Platform (better known as DAM)

DAM is a software category that basically consists of centralizing, standardizing, distributing and mainly managing digital archives so that everyone involved in industry processes such as trade marketing, customer marketing, brand development, sales, sales capabilities, project management, among others, can use always-approved, up-to-date and centralized digital assets quickly and securely.

What are the advantages of DAM

Using the DAM platform for digital file management has numerous benefits (I wrote an article about the benefits of the DAM platform for the industry in August / 2019) as well as many advantages:

  • Time and Cost Savings when searching for assets using defined metadata and used to tag all your digital assets. This will save you precious time when searching for assets in a repository. Users will be able to find the assets they need very easily saving time for more important business tasks. In addition, because the DAM platform makes asset search easy, it eliminates the time and cost of rebuilding (refactoring) assets when they were not found. Add to that all the time and cost that would be spent with agencies and producers of content, photos, videos, texts, contracts with celebrities, etc.
  • Ease of reuse and redirect assetsDAM platform not only lets you find assets quickly but also simplifies the process of editing, reusing, redirecting and redistributing assets.
  • Workflows Automation – A DAM platform enables this functionality as users can be alerted whenever a new version of the assets they use is loaded onto the platform while maintaining consistency in their projects.
  • Ensuring Brand Consistency – By using always up-to-date, righteous, approved, and especially enriched assets, the industry ensures the consistency of brand communications. As all digital assets are tagged and managed, the industry can ensure that all old or outdated assets of your brand are automatically archived and not misused. This dramatically reduces the risk and liability for brand inconsistency.
  • Maximizing Asset Value – Because all of your assets will be stored in one easy-to-access central repository, your employees and platform users will have the power at their fingertips to access any asset they need when is needed to take advantage of the full potential of assets, especially in adverse situations such as field staff, end-of-chain sales staff where resources for access to assets are limited, chain capillarity is extensive and the possibility of business loss due to brand communication failure is critical.
  • Using Data Analytics – More robust DAM platforms include tools that enable your organization to forecast revenue as it analyzes asset consumption across multiple communication channels; Market research as it allows analysis of asset utilization in geographic areas and can map and compare where assets are most used vs. where my sales team is; and finally analysis of consumer data by area, by region, by market, by asset across the industry bringing great insights into future moments of creating new assets for brand new campaigns.
  • Supporting Business Growth – Having a centralized DAM platform for all digital assets means you can easily train new employees and new users in the asset distribution chain to utilize the system so errors are minimized.

Therefore, there are numerous advantages to using DAM platform and the challenges can be easily overcome by choosing a good platform provider (you can read my article about this What are the challenges of using a digital asset management platform – DAM here). Later I will make an article about the differences between DAM platform and File Storage platform.

Understanding the needs of your business, the needs of all players in your production chain, the complexity of your brand channels and communication, the advantages and challenges, and especially the differences between the two platform models (DAM and File Storage) it becomes easy to see if it’s time to migrate your assets to a DAM platform that specializes in this.

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